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I like it =D

Cool one, i like the "spooky" like instrument xD...
If you listen to my version you can hear i slowed it down, else it would sound like a messed up theme...

but yours goes well with the original tempo, but then again it's called a cover for some reason =P

Great job =D

Love this theme but...

Whatch your peak meter, if it goes red it means your instruments are way to high in volume!

Also if this is a midi, don't use that to learn FL studio.
Well it can't do any harm, youtube has some nice tutorial on how you can utilize Fl in a better way.

Next time i wanna hear a real remix!.

Jacob78 responds:

Thanks for the info I will take a look to see what I can find. At the moment im just using the Demo of FL so also if its some thing I can't make with in a short time then its some thing I can't make. As far the the sound meter things yeah I noticed it. This was the second song I did so it does sound pretty bad. I will probably do another version of this now that I do know a little more and repost it.


Seriously, was it your intension to make the beat "off beat"?
Also watch your peak meter, the sound is deforming at some point.

Nice one,

-insert review-
Liked it...

Contra hardcorps

This fits really well with Contra Hardcorps on the SEGA.
( just try it XD it fits perfect together).

Thumbs up =)


This fits perfect with megaman 7(or Megaman and Bass)


your plugin was either

for some reason it remind me of magical drop...
Nicely done

race1 responds:

Hmm... Actually it was a plugin off thie place called workbench . com or benchmark dot com or something... Thanks.

...stop it

Importing a midi doesnt need 3 weeks.
Also for 3 weeks work it seems you cant even fix the drumz.

....ugh you deserve a -100.
dont worry i wont vote 0....although i would love to do it...you obviously deserve it.

skybind responds:

what's a midi?


At some points it sounds good but why do people love to f*ck it up by screaming trough it with shallow text ?!

Also i dont see Robots fighting in a desert ......>_<......wtf!

GoreBastard responds:

There's no other style of vocals that would suit this style of heavy metal. Normal singing would have made it gay.

And of course you don't see robots fighting in the desert, it's a song, not a fucking video clip, that's just what the lyrics are about!!!


uhm not bad, one thing though....i think the piano is bit hard...it sometimes feels misplaced. Some instruments do sound dry....

but like it !!

funny....DK-2 had really nice songs....while it was a platform based on comedy and cartoonish worlds.

hi hi!

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