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What are you raising?
A wind fish?

VGSongbird responds:

lol Nah. I'm no good at hatching eggs with random magical musical instruments ;)

nice one....

Gave me a good laugh.

Japanese versions had better music.


MTLane is a douchebag.
This song is well composed, people like him shouldn't write fucking reviews.
A 6 cause he can't listen to it in the car? THATS NOT A REASON. Its not even relevant to anything.
Thats like giving a masterpiece a 1 cause its not your genre.

This theme is very well made, hats off for you sir.

Tomppaah responds:

I think I'll have to agree here, haha. ^^ Each to his own I guess.

Thank you very much, but please.. put your hat back on before you catch a cold!


This isn't generic...

But i guess for NG standards....


Dude waar de fuck hang jij uit?

One of my favorites, love the FM twist.

Dont care

Just have to comment to the comment below,
Its ironic since most crappy midi-with digital patches actually make the front page.
This place is fucked i tell ya.

A 10, cause its better than most shit around here.


you just took a midi and just patched it with a piano.
And then have the arrogance to say
"Well I guess that's your opinion :)"

There is better stuff out there, and there is no way that this should be on the main page of the audio portal. This place is terrible.

BreakingProdigy responds:

Just have to ask you 1 question.
Which one sounds better, this one, or the midi?
Besides it's a remix, didn't just change the instrument to piano, set some filters etcetera to make it sound good, also edited the beat, better sounds made them more quiet as to not overrule the piano and removed some unneeded sounds.
And as I mentioned, this was my first attempt.

"I don't like acoustic/synthetic mix."
That's an opinion, duhr?
No arrogance there if you ask me >.>

Great way of ruining your own song.

Why do people like this?

You totally ruin it by just putting a Base constantly on every beat.
Where is the Snare that could have complimented the whole thing?
And people will disagree and say how i fail, but everything just drowns into the constant Drum Base.

It starts out good but then you just cancer-rape it.

weemeee responds:

Honestly dude, i've been reading some of your reviews and it seems that you do not have a whole lot of knowledge in music at all (You even pointed that out yourself). At the very least if you're going to insult someone, at least try to give constructive criticism instead of "LOLOLOLOLZ CANCER RAPE" Just because it's not your favourite genre doesn't mean that you need to go out and yell at people for disliking something.


Fuck the haters

Iz good my friend.
All you need to know.

Guitar is delish, keep it up my cyprian-cotton-picker

CyprusX responds:



It sounds nice, but im certain of it that some sounds are way to loud.
The distortion is not really pleasing.

It needs some compression adjustments!

So 8/10;

hi hi!

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